1. To stimulate students' curiosity and interest in using IT to learn.

2. Let students know about the IT tools and the functions of these tools.

3. To develop a positive attitude in students using IT to learn.

4. Students can obtain information through computer networks and develop skills in communication and information processing.

5. Students can learn to respect intellectual property rights and related information literacy when using and browsing online materials.

6. Introduce programming to improve students' computational thinking ability.



1. Students understand how to operate simple IT tools such as computers, simple peripherals and multimedia resources.

2. Students realize that IT tools are widely used in daily life.

3. Students show interest and exploration in the application of information technology.

4. Cultivate students to learn correct information literacy.

5. Students should be able to use IT tools to assist in self-directed learning.

6. Students are concerned with various issues related to the application of information technology.

7. Students know how to use programming to solve problems in life.


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