Sports Art Day-Floor Curling
Fencing Day
Fencing Day


Through a positive, active lifestyle that promotes health and enhances physical fitness as well as body coordination, students develop fundamental abilities at the same time as fostering their self-confidence to face different challenges. In addition, by learning sports skills, students obtain sports related knowledge, cultivate positive values and altitudes, and develop an active, healthy lifestyle. Through participating in sports activities, students of different backgrounds participate in harmony and develop mutual respect. Students also develop correct ethical behavior, judgment, and an ability to appreciate beautiful movement, by learning to cooperate with each other in groups.



Students will:

1.     Develop basic sports abilities through physical activity and demonstrate creativity.

2.     Become aware of the relationship between physical activity and health.

3.     Effectively exchange ideas and express feelings with others through sports.

4.     Understand the relationship between physical activity and healthy development, and the factors that influence healthy development.

5.    Learn to respect the rights and interests of others and demonstrate a cooperative attitude through sports.

6.     Develop different generic skills through activity, such as decision-making, critical thinking and communication skills.

7.     Develop the awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism through sports.


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