English Language


  • To provide every English learner of a second language with opportunities to extend their knowledge and experience of different cultures; opportunities for personal and intellectual development; opportunities for further study; an appreciation of, and enjoyment in, working in English.
  • To enable every learner to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology; including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.


  • Implement the PLP-R/W into P.1 – 3 English curriculum
  • Integrate School-based Phonics Curriculum in P.1 -2
  • Theme-based Unit Task Booklets for P.1 – 4
  • School-based Writing Programme for P.5 – 6  
  • Integrate the teaching of reading strategies throughout P.1 – 6
  • Implement differentiated instructions to cater students’ learning needs (e.g. Graded Task Sheets, high order thinking skills,  homework adaptation, etc.)
  • Encourage self-evaluation and peer evaluation in learning tasks
  • English learning activities:
  1. English Debate Class
  2. English Puppetry Class
  3. English Drama Class



English Drama: Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival




English and Maths Games Day


Debate Team (Annual NESTA Primary Debate)


Puppetry Competition

Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Phonics Class

Students' work





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