2020-02-19Cross-net Allocation

Dear Parents,

The last batch of the Cross Net Applications for 2018/2020 Secondary School Allocation has started. Any P6 students who have moved, or will move to a district outside Tuen Mun, may apply. Parents should take notice of the annex, download and fill in the application form if you need to apply. Please hand in the application form together with relevant documents to General Office not later than 28th February, 2020 (Friday).   The General Office will be open on Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and Saturday(9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon).

2020-02-13The Education Bureau decided today that schools will not resume classes before March 16.

In view of the latest situation of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau decided today that schools will not resume classes before March 16.

2020-02-10Self-learning material for the period of postponement

During the period of postponement until class resumption, our school will arrange self-learning material through the school website. The self-learning materials are scheduled to be updated on 10/2/2020, 17/2/2020 and 24/2/2020. For more details please refer to the website:

2020-01-30Extension of Lunar New Year Holidays and Infection Prevent Measures

Dear Parents, 

        In view of the increase in the number of confirmed and suspected Novel Coronavirus infection cases and increasing risk of the spread of the virus, the Education Bureau (EDB) announced that all schools (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools) will extend their Lunar New Year holidays to March 1(i.e. class resumption on March 2).

        During the extended period of school holidays (starting from 3rd February, 2020), our school campus will stay open and some of our staffs will be on duty to take care of students who will be left unattended if they stay at home. However, the school bus service will be suspended, and all interest classes being scheduled within the period mentioned above will be postponed. 

        Students are strongly advised to stay at home as far as possible during the school holidays, moreover, parents please pay more attention to environmental and personal hygiene, and avoid allowing their children to go to overcrowded places so as to reduce the risk of infection. In order to safeguard all students’ and staff’s health, we will thoroughly clean and disinfect the school campus to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

      If students have to come to school, they should bring their lunch and at least two surgical masks. If students have the symptoms of upper respiratory infection, please see the doctor and stay at home.


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