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2023-03-29The 59th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival

Congratulations to our students for doing a great job at the 59th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival.

They received the Highly Commended Award in Chinese Dance (Group).

Performance Video below:

2022-11-21Primary One Admission (POA) 2023 Release of Results of Allocation of Discretionary Place and Registration of Pupils

Registration dates:  23rd – 24th November 2022

Time:  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Place:  1/F, General Office, Islamic Primary School

Documents needed:  POA application form (the yellow one, parents' copy)

*** Please note that if a successful applicant fails to turn up for registration during the specified period without prior notice to the school, the place offered is considered to have been forfeited.

For enquiries, please contact Mr Mok at 2450 2270.
2022-09-21Student Grant (2022/23 School Year)

Student Grant (2022/23 School Year)


As part of the $19.1 billion relief measures announced by the Financial Secretary in August 2019, a one-off student grant of $2,500 for each secondary day-school, primary school and kindergarten student will be provided in the 2019/20 school year to alleviate parents’ financial burden in defraying education expenses. The provision of the student grant has been regularised starting from the 2020/21 school year.


The student grant is non-means-tested. All students who, as at the date of application, study in primary schools offering local or non-local curriculum in Hong Kong, are eligible for the grant.


The Student Grant form will be given on 22nd September (Thursday) to the eligible students. Please hand in the Student Grant form to the class teacher on or before 30th September.
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