General Studies

The main objectives of General Studies are to build up children's basic knowledge of self-care, family, community, science and technology and the natural environment.

They learn from different contexts including stories from textbooks and group discussions about current affairs.

Students are not only learning subject knowledge, they are also developing their virtues and healthy habits.

When they grow up, they can be positive, objective and responsible, and can get along with other people well.

There are different activities to enhance students' knowledge, for example, science experiments, planting and gardening and field trips. Our school also works with community organizations to arrange different activities such as visiting an elderly centre.

We know our children will learn how to be good citizens through these activities. Students learn and appreciate things from different perspectives.


  • field trips
  • science experiments
  • Science Learning Day
  • community service
  • planting and gardening
  • environmental protection
Science Learning Day -- making models
Science Learning Day -- building paper bridges
Science Learning Day
Visiting an elderly centre
Students workshop at Ocean Park
Visiting an elderly centre -- students' performance
Science experiments
Visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum
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