Parent-Teacher Association

The Islamic Primary School Parent Group is a volunteer group that works closely with the school administration and coordinates various activities on behalf of the School. The Parent Group may also takes an active role in issues that are of importance to the School.

The Parent group meets regularly throughout the school year and is open to all parents of the school.

PTA Committee Members for 2018-2020 :

  Parent Teacher
Chairperson Ms. Hon Yuet Kit  
Vice-Chairperson Mr. Sunil Kumar Ms. Kwok Wing Ha
Secretary Ms. Zhong Chu Jun Ms. Yuen Man Ling

Mr. Wan Xin Zhao
Ms. Kaur Ramandeep

Ms. Law Shuk I
Mr. Cheung Kin Wai
Treasurer Ms. Kusmindarwati Djuarno Mr. Au Yeung Kam Wa
Liaison Ms. Wong Oi Wah Ms. Sun Yi
Consultant   Ms. Ng Sui Lan (Headmistress)
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