Transfer Student Application

If you want to apply for transfer students to our school, please submit the application form to our school from 9 am to 4 pm during office hours.



1. When submitting the application form, the original and copy of the relevant supporting documents must be attached for verification (e.g. birth certificate, parental identity certificate, recent photos of applicants, report card, etc).

2. A Hong Kong phone or mobile number must be available for contact.

3. Interview contents:

a. Interview languages: Cantonese and English

b. Written test contents: Chinese, English, and Mathematics

4. The school will contact parents by phone if they are invited to the interview.

5. Parents/students failing to attend the transfer student interview within the specified date will be considered as having foregone the interview.

6. If you have submitted the application form to our school but you have not received an interview notice, the application has been unsuccessful. Parents do not need to call or visit our school for inquiries.

7. Personal information submitted is for educational purposes only and will not be returned. The school will destroy all material within three months.

8. Admission is determined by the school, therefore parents should not object to the results.

9. For admission, students and parents must agree with the school’s educational philosophy, teaching policy, development direction and fully cooperate with the school.

10. The application form can be downloaded here.


*For enquiries, please call 24502270 (School General Office)

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