Visual Arts

Programme Plan in Visual Arts(2017-2018)

1.Use art learning log

1.1   P.5 - P.6 Students use learning logs to collect information (group work) , record the creative process and express their ideas practically.


2.Students check and organize their art bags by themselves

2.1   P. 1-3: Students design their own art bags to organize their art supplies.

2.2   P. 4-6: Teachers regularly remind students to check and organize their art bag


3. Students sharing section

3.1   Teachers invite students to share their own or others’ ideas and work at different times and students learn to accept others comments or suggestions.


4. Students make good use of students self - evaluation, peer evaluation form

4.1   Teachers explain the purpose and criteria of the students self - evaluation, peer evaluation form, students do the creation and finished the self and peer evaluation forms.

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