English Language






Our students come from different countries, hence students naturally use English to communicate among them.

Students can learn English easily in our rich English environment.


PLP-R/W (Primary Literacy Programme-Reading & Writing)

Our school joins PLP-R/W  (Primary Literacy Programme-Reading & Writing) organized by EDB. The programme emphasizes phonics, reading and writing. Teachers use Big Books to teach students different learning strategies and skills. Students borrow small books regularly and read them to their parents, and they are fostered their reading habit at the same time. With the skills of phonics, students can pronounce the words correctly and build up the vocabulary bank. Also, students learn English through various fun activities: singing, reading poem, visit, cooking, role play, etc.


The English programme in upper levels focus on reading and writing too. Teachers teach students different learning strategies and skills through different text types and readers. Also, students can learn how to write effectively through school based design writing activities, peer discussion and I.T information searching



English Drama: Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival




English and Maths Games Day


Debate Team (Annual NESTA Primary Debate)


Puppetry Competition

Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Phonics Class

PLP-R/W student works


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