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Publish DateNo.TitleCategory
2020-12-08E/IC/SC/20/63PE Online(ZOOM)Lesson ArrangementsGeneral
2020-12-02genal(372)Zoom Meeting Security, Classroom Rules and Etiquette while Using ZoomGeneral
2020-12-02E/IC/SC/20/59aSuspension of Face-to-face Classes for All Schools(P.1-5)General
2020-12-02E/IC/SC/20/59bSuspension of Face-to-face Classes for All Schools(P.6)General
2020-11-22E/IC/SC/20/5 6Suspension of P1-P3 face-to-face classesGeneral
2020-11-17E/IC/SC/20/55Suspension of Classes 1B and 1C Due to Respiratory InfectionGeneral
2020-11-02E/IC/SC/20/43Winter School Uniform ChangeoverGeneral
2020-10-20E/IC/SC/20/41Community Care Fund Assistance Programme – Collective Tablet Purchase to Facilitate e-LearningGeneral
2020-10-12E/IC/SC/20/38School Uniform Supplier Working Hours - UpdateGeneral
2020-09-29E/IC/SC/20/34Ordering Service for Winter School UniformGeneral
2020-09-05E/IC/SC/20/22Community Care Fund Assistance Programme - Subsidy to Needy Secondary Students for Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices to Facilitate e-LearningGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/17Free Lunch at SchoolGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/10Use of Photographic Images of Students and CCTV System (Privacy Ordinance)General
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/16Octopus Card RegistrationGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/15(A) Student Attendance Policy (B) Student Behaviour on School Buses and Other Public TransportGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/14Bringing Mobile Phones or Digital Communication Devices to SchoolGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/13School Uniform Appearance RequirementsGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/12Student Behaviour Management PoliciesGeneral
2020-09-03E/IC/SC/20/11The 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech FestivalGeneral
2020-09-01E/IC/SC/20/21E-learning, Homework and Assessment PoliciesGeneral
2020-09-01E/IC/SC/20/4After School Dismissal ArrangementGeneral
2020-09-01E/IC/SC/20/3Details Regarding P.E. Lessons / School ActivitiesGeneral
2020-09-01E/IC/SC/20/22020-2021 Lunch Arrangements for StudentsGeneral
2020-09-01E/IC/SC/20/1Application for School Textbook Assistance (TA) / Student Travel Subsidy (STS) /Internet Access Charges Subsidy (SIA)General
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